Grimoire: The City—Onslaught

"Our enemies never relent. Neither will you." —Lord Shaxx


Despite the sharp breeze in the Tower, the air in Shaxx's outpost is uncomfortably still and weighted with tension. There is work to do: personal feeling must not interfere when certain doom hangs over all their heads.

"We can't afford to play defense. Not now." Shaxx stares fixedly at the training plans drawn up for his Guardians.

"Then offense will have to see us through this fight. That should come naturally to you." Saladin's posture is Legionary-perfect.

"Then that's that." Teeth gritted under his helmet, Shaxx folds his arms. After a long moment, he adds, "Good talk."

Saladin nods. "Good talk."

They look at the screen in silence. There is nobody to rescue them.

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