Hung Jury SR4

A Scout Rifle, modified by Dead Orbit's superb technicians and specialists.

They called her the Roamer because she'd never lived in the City.

In the bad old days, before Takanome's Rangers, Tamsin didn't hide behind any wall. She stood two meters high, tall enough to ride her stolen Pike. She was no Guardian, not even Awoken. She was plain Human, like you and me, they say.

Tamsin could go toe-to-toe with a Vandal.

Tamsin wore larger boots than Shaxx, and her coat was so big that a family of six could use it as a blanket.

Tamsin wouldn't stay put. She'd visit for a night, spin her stories, eat everyone out of house and home, and take off again.

When you hear a tapping outside on windy nights—so they tell the kids down in Peregrine—that's no tree branch. That's no owl. That's Tamsin looking for a traveling companion. And if you open the door to her, she'll take you to the stars.

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