Smash through the veil.

Adit and Majjora clung to the chain link fence, well beyond the outside perimeter of the Crucible viewing area. They peered past a motionless Redjack stationed at the entrance, straining to see snippets of action on the massive viewing screens. Adit caught a glimpse of an Arc explosion as the audience roared.

Lord Shaxx's voice boomed from the loudspeakers: "Your spirit is unrivaled. Show me more!"

Adit glanced over at her classmate. Majjora's pinky finger was just a few centimeters away from her own, but it seemed like a kilometer.

Adit cleared her throat, mustering courage, "So, umm, what Cryptarch Matsuo said in class today. About, like, the final shape and everything. The Witness."

"I can't believe what I'm seeing!" Shaxx's voice rang out.

Majjora nodded gravely. Though the visiting Cryptarch had explained the situation in the gentlest terms, the students understood the seriousness of the situation.

"Yeah," Majjora replied. "It's… I don't know what to do."

"Nothing we can do, I guess," Adit replied.

Adit inched her pinky closer to Majjora's for what felt like an eternity. And then finally, they touched.

Majjora smiled.

A Stasis grenade detonated on the viewing screens, but neither of them heard it.


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