Dear Traveler,

This will be my last message to you. Maybe you won't see any of these messages anyway. Even if I knew how to now, I'm not sure I'd send them.

I'm not sure about a lot right now.

The next day was pretty normal. Papa made breakfast and walked me to school, which he's never done before. I think he was worried I heard their fight, because he said he was sorry for working so much. Then he asked if I liked it here. I didn't really know what to say, so I said yes, but I missed Mars. I think that still made him sad, because he said he was sorry again and said he'd spend less time at work.

Dad's been working even more. At first, I thought that meant he'd changed his mind about leaving. But now I haven't seen him for a whole week and my stomach won't stop hurting.

What has stopped is the dream. Two nights ago, I finally broke away from Europa's gravity. As I floated to you, the whisper followed: "Are you sure you know what you think you know?"

I woke up before I got close to you. And last night, I didn't dream at all, which must mean I figured out the message. But all I have are these words stuck in my head.

Are you sure you know what you think you know?

This morning, Papa told me Dad's been sleeping at the factory because he's so busy, but soon he'll get a break. "And then we'll spend the whole day together as a family."

I'm not sure, but I think he's lying.

Tomorrow, the supply ship leaves for Mars and I want to go. So I've packed my bag and once Papa goes to sleep, I'm going to put on my snowsuit and go out to find Dad. I don't care if I run into a whole army of Exos.

Maybe I'll take Mihaylova out of my bag and carry her. For extra support. That's probably dumb, but…

I don't really know what else to do.




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