Before she was converted into an Exo, Micah-10 lived as a human child, named Micah Abram, on Europa.1 Both of Micah’s fathers worked at the Braytech facility at the Eventide colony.2 While living in Eventide, Micah wrote a number of letters to the Traveler. These letters document the creation of the Exos as well as the tense environment within the colony.23

While on Europa, Micah began to have a recurring dream about becoming an Exo.34

At some point after Micah’s final letter, she was converted into an Exo.5 Some time after her conversion, she died and was resurrected as a Guardian.6

Micah-10 was a protector of Ghosts, referring to herself as their den-mother.6 She oversaw packs of Ghosts and helped them to discover their Guardians. For a period of time, she was hunted by Cyrell, a Guardian who killed unpaired Ghosts.67

One of the Ghosts whom she oversaw resurrected the Hunter Andal Brask; Micah-10 sent them over the Pacific Ocean to the Tower.6

After becoming a Guardian, Micah began having a recurring dream of the Deep Stone Crypt in which she repeatedly saw two men. As a result of this dream, Micah-10 began searching for the Crypt.5 However, she was unable to find a functioning ship to take her off-world.56

In a letter to Tallulah Fairwind, Micah expressed that she was heading north into the Cosmodrome, where the Guardian Conar resided.6 Together, the two Guardians came across Coyote, a village that needed protection from the Fallen House of Kings.8 Micah and Conar found an additional three Guardians to help protect the village: Therin Vai, Nadiya, and Lee-4.9 They, alongside the newly-resurrected Himura Shinobu, became the Six Coyotes.8 Together, the Coyotes attempted to defend the village from the Fallen.10

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