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"But why pumpkins?" Glint asked in confusion.

"Many Golden Age cultures celebrated the transition from autumn to winter by honoring the sprits of the dead," Cryptarch Yareli replied.

He rummaged through a stack of ancient tomes stored individually in vacuum-sealed containers. "That time of the year was thought to be a liminal phase, when living could communicate with the dead."

The Cryptarch finally located the tome he had been searching for. He put on a pair of white cotton gloves and unsealed the container.

"This is one of the few remaining source documents on the subject. It was published specifically for 'gentlemen,' an esteemed social class at the time." He began gently leafing through the volume.

"Here it is," he said, pointing to a chapter entitled "Pumpkin Body Paint Is the Hot New Holiday Trend." It featured depictions of unclothed Humans with orange ribbed gourds painted on their most globular anatomy.

"As you can see, pumpkins featured heavily in the iconography of the time. People would paint them all over their bodies. Even in highly inconvenient locations."

"And this helped them communicate with the dead?" Glint asked, incredulous.

"Hmm?" Cryptarch Yareli replied absently, mesmerized by the historical photos.

He frowned. "That part of it remains… unclear."

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