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Ylaia's eyes fluttered open as she roused herself from a trance. The Techeun had been recuperating from her time in the Ascendant Plane by completing a series of restorative meditations. No sooner had she regained her bearings than Glint scooted in front of her face.

"Excuse me, um, Techeun Ylaia," the Ghost began. "Now that you're awake, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" His shell flaps tilted sheepishly.

"How long have you been watching me meditate?" the Techeun asked, bemused.

"One hundred and forty-three minutes," Glint said. "It was quite impressive. Crow can barely sleep for an hour without yelling at invisible enemies."

"The invisible enemies are the most dangerous," Ylaia responded. "Just look at Savathûn."

Glint hummed noncommittally. He couldn't tell whether the Techeun was joking or not.

"Speaking of invisible enemies," Glint segued, "I wanted to ask you about a sinister group of pumpkin-headed monsters called the Headless Ones. Maybe you heard of them during your training?"

Ylaia frowned quizzically. "I think I might know something of the ones you seek. But to be certain, you must first tell me: what's a 'pumpkin'?"

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