Mihaylova's Path

"What you pursue, those are your values. Everything else is noise."

File: Mihaylova, Engineer, Ares One
Path to Ares: Unknown date
Old Russia Agency of Technology & Science
Documentary Interview
—partially recovered—

Mihaylova: —had to start a lot of that over.

Insurance Agent: Let's talk about your background. You were one of the heroes of the Ares One, right?

M: Heroes! Ha! No, no. We were scientists.

IA: Very well. So as a scientist, the system you designed—

M: I designed the AI.

IA: And did the AI run the mission?

M: Oh, no, it couldn't have back then. We had no idea what we were going to find. Moon X was a terraformer; we could run into oceans, storms… and indeed, landing was a mess.

So we needed the best AI with extreme flexibility. Because it would be better if Hardy could take the ship in his hands.

Project Catamaran was secret and probably dead as soon as it started. Crazy, to run out and meet something like that.

It was good work. Most of the AI code I started there didn't really get used for the mission but it came in handy. I mean, where do you think—

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