Qiao's Heart

"Be aware at all times of what drives those around you."

Qiao Supplemental
A/V Recording
Path to Ares: Launch Day + 1 (Revised Launch Day)

Centcom: Ares this is Centcom, Radio Check. Radio check, over.

Hardy: Centcom this is Ares One. We read you loud and fairly clearly, over.

C: Roger. Hey, just so you know, the, uh, House of Eternal Travel has sent you its prayers. It was all over the news.

H: That one of those Traveler cults?

C: Roger, this is the one that survived the Traveler-cult rumble a few weeks ago.

H: Oh. Well, okay, tell them thanks.

C: Roger. Next radio check 8 minutes.

H: They'll be quiet for a while. Nav?

Qiao: Steady. We are clear of Earthgrav. Confirming course.

H: Engineering?

Mihaylova: All systems normal.

H: OK. So now it's… a long wait.

Q: Hey. You OK, Jacob?

H: Yeah. A-OK.

Q: Look at the stars.

M: Is there a problem?

Q: Not at all. It's just…

H: Beautiful.

Q: Yes. Like something we are privileged to join but could never deserve.

H: Wonder how the Traveler must feel.

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