Nessus – 3

"I have heard tales of such creatures," Mithrax said, his deep voice resonating through the ruins. "Those with eyes of flame. Tormented by endless burning."

"And where do the Eliksni think they came from?" Glint asked.

"Some say they were once Hive, twisted by foul experiments." He paused to take a pull from his rebreather. "Others say they were Guardians who turned to Darkness."

"Has anyone from House Light seen them?"

Mithrax emitted a series of low clicks, which Glint took as grumbling. "Klyfiks, our engineer, says he witnessed the creatures on Nessus. But…" The enormous Kell seemed to be struggling with a translation.

"Yes?" the Ghost prompted. "What about him?"

"What is the Human word for one with good spirit, but who speaks loudly, and without reason?" he asked.

"Umm… an idiot?" Glint offered gently.

"Yes, it is so," the enormous Kell nodded. "Klyfiks is an idiot."

Nameless Midnight

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