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Eido translated Glint's question to Klyfiks, who sprawled across his chair with an air of self-importance. The two conversed for almost a minute before Eido turned back to Glint.

"Klyfiks will tell you what he has seen, but he must receive something in return." She bobbled her head slightly, which Glint interpreted as equivalent to an eye roll. "He wants his own Sparrow."

Glint quickly scanned his internal database for decommissioned Sparrows and identified several old models that he thought would be to Klyfiks's liking. When Eido relayed Glint's optimism, the engineer's mandibles clicked in what the Ghost assumed was excitement.

The Eliksni chittered back and forth. Eido then translated: "He says that he saw the creatures on Nessus during his time with the House of Dusk. They were fighting the Vex over the remnants of a crashed Human ship—"

"The Exodus Black," Glint interjected.

"Just so. Klyfiks claims," she emphasized the word and paused to make her skepticism clear, "that during one of these battles, he sheltered in some ruins near the crash site. Inside, he says he saw a being with a round, bulbous head and flames for eyes."

They chittered back and forth once more. "He says it did not attack, but he doubts you will be welcome."

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