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"Always reach for understanding and compassion."

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Hardy: What, you don't play basketball?

Qiao: Of course I do.

Hardy: Okay, so me and Mihaylova against you and Evie.

Evie: Oh, we'll wipe the floor with you.

Mihaylova: Don't be so sure.

Hardy: How's the nav coming?

Qiao: All told, beautiful. With Mihay's AI and Evie's theories—

Evie: We don't want to accidentally run into it.

Hardy: It?

Evie: Moon X.

Mihaylova: Agh!

Evie: Too slow.

Hardy: Hey! No traveling.

Evie: Sorry—

Qiao: Got it.

Hardy: Not so fast—

Qiao: Two points. You want to talk about fast.

Evie: Wait. Wait.

Hardy: Huh. Okay. What?

Evie: Traveling. Moon X. Look, we need to stop even thinking of it as a satellite or a false moon. It's big, but it acts alive— this thing moves with purpose. It's a visitor. It's… a Traveler.

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