Resonant Fury Gauntlets

Yul yearns for nurture. It does so through honesty.

++Stench follows. You drag it before you—

—It will not consume you, for you have conquered it—

—Or so you prefer to believe++



[In this life, there are beings that bring light to others. And there are beings that bring dark. He brought dark. Only dark. And was naught more than an unbreakable, unstoppable force.]

[The cruel Leviathan learned this truth the hard way—he pulled from its chest a rib many times larger than the Subjugator himself. Yet he wielded it as nothing.]
[The Leviathan, winded, broken, cast its gaze on the Deep below.]

"You would not look upon the one who bested you, beast? Lift your eyes and meet mine."

[The Subjugator placed the rib beneath the beast's skull and raised it level.]

"What lies beyond belongs not to you. Nor to your false god hiding amongst the many moons. It belongs to that which witnesses all. You would do best not to forget it, regardless of your misplaced loyalties."


[The rib dropped into our dwelling. Our Deep. With force, it landed before us, uplifting the sediment of the Fundament floor into a dense cloud—from which he emerged.]

"You—who stand on the naked hull of an ancient ship. You—who stand exposed, should be annihilated by the crushing pressure and ferocious heat of the deeper Fundament. But you—survive of your own will. You… are not known to us."

[He was to be our fate…]

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