Resonant Fury Greaves

Akka yearned for nurture. It did so through secrets.

[The Subjugator did what he does best. Conquer. Capture. Many of his victims fell. But those who proved useful served.]

[From a prison within Fundament to another in the dark expanse of his making, I was taken… And that was only the beginning.]

[He knew of our strengths. Our powers. To grip the mind and guide. To fill it with vitality and power. To reduce it to rot and waste.]

[—-The universe is wide, my child—- his Witness would chide. —-With wrath matching if not exceeding yours in its vastness. Seek it before it seeks you. Or it will be your end.—-]

[He claimed to desire our powers for his Witness. But I overheard eons of their discussions. His omniscient god always reduced him to that which he claimed—wrath.]

[Though he wore such a designation proudly, he wanted more. Wanted our power for himself. To continue to do what he does best, better than before, alongside his Witness.]

[This is why I was kept. The desire for domination of all things.]


[The Subjugator returned living pieces of me to Fundament: segments he called larvae. He set them adrift on the ocean, knowing full well where the current would carry them…]

[To the shores of the Osmium Kingdom.]

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Resonant Fury Mark

Resonant Fury Gauntlets

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