Royal Executioner

"I get dirty so my queen doesn't have to. Sometimes it's a sacrifice… but most times, I enjoy it." —Petra Venj

Petra Venj looked down at the weapons range, where the Corsairs practiced advanced infantry tactics. The pop and sizzle of live ammunition filled the air. It was only a matter of time before the Awoken were pressed into battle once more, now that the eternal war had taken Queen Mara to Earth.

The queen planned to stem the Witness's advance by imbuing the Guardians with her powers, allowing them to stage counterattacks via the Ascendant Plane. She dubbed them her "Queensguard."

Petra frowned.

The Vanguard had proven to be staunch allies, most recently during Xivu Arath's siege of the Ley Line network. Nevertheless, Petra had reservations about allowing Guardians to wield Queen Mara's power. Though they appeared civilized, the Lightbearers were not far removed from the utter barbarism of their Dark Age. She sensed that same savagery still seething just below the surface.

Petra wondered if the Vanguard would ever be worthy of Mara's beneficence. But if the Witness achieved its aims, all else would be irrelevant.

She turned her attention back to the Corsairs' infantry drills. Whatever the outcomes on Earth or Neptune, the Awoken would be ready. The Queen's Wrath would guarantee it.


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