Scatterhorn Helm

"Since the Scatter, nowhere in the Reef felt like home. Before I knew it, I found myself on the Shore." —Renegade Corsair Errol Mayz


"Anything else, Arrha?"

"Yes, the Spider." Arrha answers in Eliksni. "Mithrax has told me about the orb the humans call Tee-tahn. A water-world of floating cities. Before the Red War, very few humans visited it, very few."

"I'm already bored."

"Tee-tahn is still ripe with plunder, the Spider, and now the plunder comes to us! The Guardian Slohn sends shipments of it to Terra in unmanned craft. Relies on the cloaking to protect it. But the cloaking cannot stop a web. Not if we know where to cast it."

"How interesting." Spider scratches his chin. "Very good, Arrha. It's time for you to go fishing."

"Fishhhhhh… ink?"

Spider heaves a put-upon sigh. "Catch me one of those boats, you fool."

"Yes, the Spider. I shall."

Only when he is outside the Spider's audience chamber does Arrha allow himself a frustrated growl. "'Catch a boat, Arrha.' That was the idea…"

Salvation's Grip

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Scatterhorn Hood

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