Evolution is stunted by complacency—comfort is unto death, confidence is a lie.

Suffering is the catalyst for change. To fear the suffering is to remain.

The origin of suffering is all we do not know.

The unknown is not welcoming. It is your enemy.

Be ever violent as you rage against the ignorance that threatens to stall your growth.

The quest for knowledge is the purest war.

Life is war—within and without. Suffering is not pain, it is life.

"Look to your suffering and know that is a gift, for only those who strive truly suffer. All else are simply made to."
—11th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow


Now the true suffering begins. That we could restrict it solely to ourselves is our greatest desire, but such is not possible. Others will be caught in our wake. For us to achieve the goals set forth, others will pay a price they do not understand. Such is the way, and we cannot allow ourselves to be deterred.

Vale's plan is multifaceted and could easily fray should the truth be gleaned by any who would challenge us. Still, it is worth the effort as there is no guarantee of our success. That our lone example—the dreaded Yor—failed so tragically suggests a similar fate is not beyond our grasp should we falter at any point. Yet we must try—must forge ahead into the night and welcome the suffering to come with open minds and open arms.

This is our charge. This is our purpose. Not all heroes may walk freely in the Light.

—hand-scrawled note accompanying Teben Grey's personal translation of ancient Hive text

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