The Drowned Captain – 9

"Two Guardians were riding a Sparrow through the EDZ," Glint began.

Eido typed into her datapad.

"They were both on one Sparrow?" she asked flatly, not looking up.

"Yes," Glint said. "They stopped at the side of the road, because the Sparrow broke down. One went to look for supplies, and the other waited inside and locked the doors."

"The Sparrow had doors?"

"This one did," Glint said. "And they were locked. But then the Guardian heard a scratching at the door! From outside!"

Eido stopped typing, watching Glint with interest.

"And a voice said, 'Let me in!' and the Guardian opened the door, but… there was nobody there!"

Glint bobbed in the air, whispering a tremulous "Ooo!"

"And?" Eido asked. Glint stopped moving and glanced back and forth.

"That's the end," he said.

Eido's notes were brief.

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