The First Idea

Transcript 2

I've now given Rasputin the great works of philosophy in hopes he'll develop some sense of morality.

Military history, he's been fed by the truckload. But then I started in with operas and symphonies. I don't want him just to think about things.

Humans don't communicate strictly through data. We also communicate through art, through expression. If Rasputin is to be the most effective communications device in the Sol system, I want him to feel things.

The best ideas start as jokes. Ask any psychologist. Jokes and ideas both rely on the unexpected. The brilliance of both can be measured by the intensity of the reaction they provoke.

With that in mind, I've fed Rasputin comedies from Shakespeare right up to the present day. This morning, I asked him to tell me a joke.

Here it is. Ready?
"Two quantum-entangled particles walk into a neutron star.
One said, "Can you point me towards the soap radio?"

This is clearly a work in progress.

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