A warmind built during the Golden Age with the goal of protecting human civilization from unknown threats.

During the Golden Age the great artificial intelligences existed across thousands of warsats, standing in watch over fledgling colonies.1

When the collapse began the warminds were humanity's primary defense. They fought the darkness and were defeated, but they were not completely destroyed.

When it became clear that he would not be able to hold back the darkness, Rasputin entered a state of hibernation in the Cosmodrome.

He lay dormant for many years before his signal was discovered by a guardian.2 When a powerful radar array in the Cosmodrome was reconnected, Rasputin took this opportunity to re-establish himself, making contact with long forgotten warsats through the system.3

His presence has been felt as far afield as Mars where he is believed to have used a number of Golden Age weapons systems against the Vex and the Cabal.4

The warmind's motives are not well understood, he has not responded to messages from the Vanguard. At present the Tower cautiously consider Rasputin to be an ally, but it is possible that his time in hibernation was spent reconsidering his priorities.5

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