The Unclaimed Lightbearer

Transmission from Osiris


Let us not waste time on formalities.

Spies from both the City and Reef have become aware of an unclaimed Lightbearer, though they have not yet been able to put a name or face to the reports. Their attention has only focused now that this Lightbearer has fallen prey to the Shore's self-appointed overseer. It is a matter of time until all is laid bare before prying eyes.

You would be wise not to hasten this effort. Instead, give credence to this: our Crow is a new Light. Attention is required elsewhere, and whatever latent grudge you bear against the flesh the Light has inhabited carries merit no longer. Uldren Sov is dead. Do not pummel the corpse of your grievances. Keep this information between us, or if the first trigger pull was not enough to satisfy, know that you only risk our chance at victory for a scrap of catharsis. I do not believe this to be your nature.

Xivu Arath leaves no room for distraction. The appearance of her mongrels are the fingers of her encroaching grasp. We have a single moment to halt their advance, for if she is successful, her brood will establish a foothold that could take centuries to purge, if it can be purged at all. Falter, and she will swallow this system.

Secrets keep the peace, for now. Truth in time. I will assist you where I can.


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