This might sting a little.

There was only darkness… until there was Light. Again. A third time.

I knew it. Knew I'd be back one day—only this time, I was something else. Something… not Human. Not by choice, of course. Those damn Hive. They weren't just tryin' to kill me. They were using me to get to my Light. To drain it from my soul. For their sick experiments.

But the idiots screwed up. They didn't just drain my Light. They took the whole lot. The entire thing. Soul and all. I'm still me. I'm just not the me I knew. The one with two arms and two legs. I'm something smaller now.

But honestly, it's no bother. The fire inside me… it came too. And it rages now more than ever before. The fools have no clue what they've done. No idea the price they'll pay.

I'll have my vengeance. In this life, not the next.

—Omar Agah


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