XII — Savathûn — Love

Verse 8:12 — The Wish

Eris will comport herself beautifully.

I wish I could behold her morph. I can see it in my mind's eye. Her chitin will engulf her; her eyes will be uncovered. She will laugh! And what a delightful sound that will be, after everything! Genuine, full of my guile and my sister's zest for life.

I may still see her morph. There's still time. I'll be so proud of her.

It will seem like fate, something that couldn't have happened any other way. But Eris is smart enough to recognize my touch. She will realize it was me, and understand that this was what I made her for. She'll see all the intricacies of the path I have laid before her from the moment my nephew raised his sword.

Not too long ago, that understanding would have starved me. Now it's just icing on the cake.

I hope she's not too upset. Ah well. I'm sure she'll get over it.

There were contingencies, of course. It's foolish to put all your eggs in one basket. One must lay snares and set events in motion that may never quite snap into place.

But this? This was easy. Perfectly aligned.

Xivu Arath will make it clear why it had to be this way. She will do exactly what I know she will do because that is all she is ever able to do. Anything else would kill her.

Because in the end, my sister just wants someone to love, fully and completely. And she's given up on me.

So I will give her Eris Morn.

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