Banshee-44 — Lost Lament

"Well… that did it. I can see a bit clearer now. The thing—the big Exo head… It's me. And I'm… it. Both of us, Clovis Bray. Well that's… certainly something.

"I don't feel like the old man. But it's coming into focus more each minute.

"I know now I used that Sword to repel a takeover by the Vex during the Golden Age. Looks like you've done somethin' similar. No need to hand it over; it's yours now.

"Thanks for protecting, well, me. I think I'll be makin' a trip over there at some point. Visit my giant self. Learn more about who I was.

"I've got questions, and it sounds like I've also got answers. Hopefully I've got nothing left to answer for."