Commander Zavala — Legacy: HIGH ALERT: ANOMALY DETECTED - H.E.L.M.

Zavala sees you coming and steps forward to meet you. "I heard."

He exhales slowly. "Calus's plans are foiled—his vessel stranded without a heartbeat above the Moon." He shakes his head. "I'm not sure how he projected himself into the H.E.L.M., but it was the same here, over the homes of the people we protect."

His brow furrows with focus. "Only a coward terrorizes innocents."

Zavala looks you dead in the eyes. "Calus, and this… Witness think they can intimidate us. It's always the ones who claim to be invincible that crack first, and they've just challenged every Guardian in the system."

"Another conflict on the horizon. I can't say I'm eager to meet it, but if it's in defense of our citizens… not the Traveler, not the Light, but for the people behind our walls… we'll be ready."