Commander Zavala — Rite of Dawning

"You've amassed quite a collection of Cabal artifacts," Zavala says as he admires the vestments, cup, and wine. "These will surely remind Caiatl of the traditions she left behind when she came here. But there is one final step I'd like to ask of you."

"In Cabal culture, gifts are most meaningful if the giver has overcome great hardship to deliver them. I'd like Caiatl to know how much we value her as an ally."

Zavala levels a look at you. He almost sounds guilty when he speaks: "I must ask you to enter Caiatl's Land Tank and defeat her champion Ignovun in the Rite of Proving. Leave the ceremonial objects behind when you leave—Caiatl will understand their significance."

Zavala places a hand on your shoulder. "Thank you for this, Guardian. I know it's not easy, but you'll be showing someone how important she is by respecting her traditions this Dawning, and that's a great kindness."

"Now get out there and kill Ignovun."