Commander Zavala — Rite of Dawning

Commander Zavala raises an eyebrow as you explain Eva's plan.

"Frankly, Eva may have a point," he says. "We could welcome Caiatl to the Tower and celebrate the Dawning here, with all of us."

He stops briefly to watch two Guardians near the Postmaster. They pelt one another with snowballs before launching themselves over the railing and falling to their deaths. Their Ghosts patiently resurrect them where they stood. The Guardians laugh and break briefly into dance before charging off toward the Crucible.

"On the other hand, our Dawning traditions may be strange to an outsider," Zavala muses.

He claps his hands. "Very well. Let's do something for the empress. The Cabal homeworld was ravaged by the Hive, but perhaps we could bring some of its magic back to them this year."

"Head down to the EDZ and see if you can find some intel on Cabal celebrations. I'd ask Caiatl personally, but…"

He smiles. "…wouldn't it be better if it was a surprise?"