Crown of Sorrow — Legacy: The Leviathan Returns

"The Leviathan has become an extension of the lunar Pyramid, channeling feelings of shame and regret into reality," Eris explains, adding that the Nightmares were originally a product of the lunar Pyramid's security systems.

Eris fears, with the Leviathan acting as a point of resonance, the Nightmares could spread to Earth or elsewhere. She also is concerned about what Calus is planning to do with the Pyramid.

Eris shakes her head. "Crow was unprepared to face his own demons when we attempted a severance." She explains that she will help guide Crow so that the next time you venture into the Leviathan's depths, he will be ready.

But growth takes time, and Eris requests that you use yours to continue battling Calus's forces and collecting Nightmares for containment.