Crown of Sorrow — Legacy: The Leviathan Returns

"It is done. We are inexorably bound to the power of this Hive artifact, and to one another," Eris says, her voice carrying off into the unsettling hum of the Crown.

She tells you that you will become a Reaper of Nightmares, dooming them to containment within the Crown of Sorrow. She assures you that their doom will grant her the knowledge needed to identify and sever Calus's fledgling connection with the lunar Pyramid.

Eris asks you to take an artifact, crafted by her and an associate. She calls it the Nightmare Harvester, and claims that it will offer you protection and contain defeated Nightmares so they may be returned to the Crown. "Seek out concentrations of these Nightmares," Eris requests.

She hopes these battles will prepare you, for it is you who will venture into the Leviathan's depths with Crow once Eris is ready to strike.

Lastly, the Nightmare Harvester is wrapped in a note that reads, "A paracausal hand may find this implement manifested as weapon in areas of high Nightmare concentration. Wield it well."