Devrim Kay — A Spark of Hope

"Ah, welcome to my cozy hideaway, Guardian."

"Ikora said you'd be coming, told me what's what. Sounds like you're looking for a weapon frame. It was one of Cayde's old treasures, recovered during a Vanguard operation."

"I'm happy to help, but there's a bit of a snag. The former Hunter Vanguard was notorious for hiding his goodies behind elaborate puzzles. In this case, he divided the map containing the frame's location, and squirrelled the map components away."

Devrim pauses and shakes his head. "Unfortunately, that was a long time ago, and the Fallen have stolen the fragments of Cayde's map. Hard to finish the jigsaw without all the pieces, eh?"

"You raid some Fallen Lost Sectors, I bet you'll find what you need. Cheers, and good luck."