Evidence Board — Hard Evidence

The Osmic Fragment gleams in the center of the board. Ghost's scan established that this is made of Fundamental Osmium, a super-dense transition metal found in the Throne World.

However, it did not originate there. You spot a Hidden analysis on the material: "This particular variant sources from the planet Fundament; aka the origin world of the proto-Hive, who lived on floating elemental continents. See: the Osmium Court, birthplace of the Hive gods."

So, Savathûn imbued her throne world with a little slice of home. But that still doesn't explain the paracausal trace lingering on these specific fragments. Nor does it account for the Lucent Brood's reaction. They definitely seemed more hostile than nostalgic…

You consider all this as you cast your eyes over the other Hidden reports, looking for more connections.

So far, nothing else stands out. Report back later for further developments.