Evidence Board — Report: ALTAR-REFLECT

A new report awaits you on the Evidence Board. The Hidden have all but confirmed the emergence of a new access point to the Altar of Reflection.

With Savathûn out of commission, this chance to delve into another of her memories is too good to pass up.

Ikora wants you to bring the Enigma to the Altar and see if you can uncover any remaining psychic traces. The Glaive is the investigation's strongest link between the Relic and the Witch Queen.

In fact, it's the only link you have. If you're looking for answers to Ikora's lingering questions—why Savathûn chose to reappear over Mars, what her Ghost is up to, what they know about the Witness and what's to come—then the Altar is your best shot.

Bring the Enigma to the new Altar access point in the Temple of the Wrathful and see what you can uncover.