Evidence Board — Report: PYRAMID-INSPECT

You walk up to the Evidence Board and select a file. It contains a message, not from Ikora or the Hidden… but Mara Sov.

"While investigating the Sunken Pyramid, I encountered Scorn amassing in large numbers within. Regardless of how many of the wretches I slaughtered, more flooded in to take their place.

With Rhulk dead, we naturally assumed they would abandon the Pyramid, but clearly they have other plans. Furthermore, they appeared to be co-opting Hive magics for reasons I was unable to decipher. Perhaps this has something to do with your ongoing investigation.

I have not the time to stay and fight; more urgent matters call my attention away. This situation, however, should be attended to promptly, as the Scorn show no signs of slowing their advance."

The Scorn using Hive magic, huh? That is curious. A lead from the Awoken Queen is certainly worth checking out.

Investigate the Sunken Pyramid in the Throne World to learn why the Scorn are rising up and how to put a stop to it.