Exo Frame — Should You Choose to Accept It, Part IV

A series of automated beeps emit from the dormant Exo frame. On a nearby screen, a small prompt appears:


A data uplink notification flashes in Ghost's eye. It's a message:

"We meet at the end of the road, Guardian. One dead drop left and the perfect opportunity to snatch it out from under House Salvation's nose.

Since we last spoke, I did some more digging and discovered that our current-age Häkke was responsible for stealing and attempting to reverse-engineer the Cage created by Dominus Ghaul all those years ago to imprison the Traveler.

The technology they had harnessed was in turn stolen by Psions loyal to Calus, who used it to create Light suppressor munitions used during an assassination attempt on Zavala. It's an interesting tangle of threads, but I can't see quite where it leads.

And like all real mysteries, we might never.

All that aside, you have a mission to accomplish! Details forthcoming.