Exo Stranger — Born in Darkness Part 4

The Exo Stranger stands confidently as you approach.

"My friend, you have no idea how grateful I am for you and all that we have done together. This is only just the beginning."

The Exo Stranger pauses and takes a cathartic moment to herself before continuing.

"I've lived in a loop for so long, to be able to see this as a new beginning is… I don't even know. Something I began to think wasn't achievable. But now with you, Eris, Drifter, and Ana by my side, it's all becoming so clear." The Exo Stranger holds out a hand.

"This should help provide us even more clarity. And you, even more Stasis power. Once you're through attuning to it, return to me. I feel as though I owe you a million more thank yous."