Holoprojector — Legacy: Awaken, Queensguard

Devrim Kay, the Vanguard's stalwart scout in the EDZ, briefs you on the upcoming operation.

Many of the Vanguard's pilots—including Amanda Holliday—went down during the Witness's attack on the Traveler. The Calus-loyal Shadow Legion have started rounding up survivors and taking them to their Pyramid ships.

You, Devrim, Crow, and Mithrax will be attempting a rescue mission.

The Pyramids themselves are impenetrable, but the ritual Mara is engaging in should help with that.

"Mara is imbuing you with otherworldly power," Devrim says. "Awoken magics and all that… I'm not sure how it works myself, but if she believes you can make it through, I'm not about to disagree."