Petra Venj — Burn It Out

"Do you bring news on our rumor… or have you come to see how deep the cryptoliths have burrowed?" Petra hides the stress of command behind steely eyes.

"I hear you're not the only Guardian running chores for Spider. I'd suggest caution, but you lot know what you're getting yourselves into."

Petra slaps your shoulder. "Spider lackey or not, you're a welcome sight." Her humorous tone quickly fades to seriousness. "Xivu Arath's presence is strong here. I'm not keen on another Hive matron worming their way into Awoken territory."

"Whatever terror she is sowing here," Petra says as if delivering an order, "burn it out." The Queen's Wrath straightens her shoulders. "We will hold back her abominations where we can, but my Corsairs are not impervious to her call. Nor am I."

"I leave that to you."