Petra Venj — The Prince Lives

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"My sympathies." Petra turns to you. "I dreamt of their passing. The worlds. Those who remained… and the shadow that hung over them."

"I'm afraid the Dreaming City hasn't fared well since the Darkness swept through our system. You can taste the difference in the air. It is as if there is a war being fought within smoke, bending around us and slipping through our hair, leaving nothing but scorched scent. I do not enjoy being left out of the loop, but we persevere."

As you turn to leave, she stops you.

"There's one more thing. A rumor."

She considers for a moment before speaking.

"The Prince lives."

Petra's eyes scan your reaction.

"Impossible, I know. But if it's more than a rumor, I don't want to hear it from a report."