Shaw Han — And Out Fly the Wolves

Shaw Han lets out a low whistle when you show him the Wolfpack Round.

"You found this under the Loot Cave? I almost can't believe I'm seeing one of these in person," he says as he carefully turns the shell over in his hands.

"I used to hear stories about the Gjallarhorn, you know. What it was capable of, that kind of thing. Never got to see one in action, though."

He pauses as a newly risen Guardian approaches. Shaw shows them how to manifest a grenade by concentrating Light in his palm. The Guardian nods and walks off, flicking their wrist.

He turns back to you. "There was meant to be a tradition where every generation of Guardians would forge their own Gjallarhorn. But then Ghaul destroyed the vaults, and with everything that's happened since then… I mean, Uldren. The Darkness. And now Savathûn…"

Shaw notices he has a white-knuckle grip on the shell. He hands it back to you.

"If you have a shell, then the Gjallarhorn never left us. Maybe it's time to bring it back."

"See what you can shake out of the Fallen scavengers around here. If you can find more traces of the original Gjallarhorn…"

"…you're about to change things for all of us."