The Crow — Peace for Savek

Crow leans against the table, his head bowed. "There was an Eliksni," he says, "a salvager Dreg named Savek. We'd worked together a few times out on the Shore."

"A few days ago, I saw her in a horde of Wrathborn. Managed to isolate her. Drag her away. Restrain her."

He refuses to meet your eyes. "I tried to get through to her, to reach the Savek I knew, but she fought so hard to free herself that she nearly tore one of her arms off."

Crow swallows and you see his throat jump.

Silence, then, "I didn't know what else to do, so I gave her what peace I could."

Continue completing Wrathborn hunts to weaken Xivu Arath's forces.