The Crow

— A Hunter once known as Prince Uldren Sov.

Before being resurrected as a Guardian, Crow was Uldren Sov, Prince of the Reef. Following his corruption at the hands of Riven, he was killed by the Guardian and Petra Venj.1

Uldren was later revived by a Ghost, nicknamed Pulled Pork, becoming a Guardian.2 After he was revived, he named his Ghost Glint.3 He was unable to remember any of his past life and was confused by the negative reactions other Guardians showed toward him; however, based on their reactions, he determined that he had not been “a good person” in his past life.345 As a result, he remained wary of other Guardians he came into contact with.6

At some point after his resurrection, his ship was destroyed by debris; the Spider and his associates seemingly rescued him. The Spider gave the Guardian the name “Crow” and, seeing Crow’s past identity as an opportunity, put him to work.75

Even after his resurrection, Crow was recognized by the Scorn, who continued to call him “father.”8

After Crow was nearly recognized by a passing Guardian, defying Spider’s orders that he remain unseen, the Spider placed a bomb within the shell of his Ghost.9 The bomb, which the Spider controlled, prevented Crow from leaving his service.10

Following the appearance of Wrathborn in the system, the Spider sent Crow to find Osiris, who was investigating Hive activity near the Scarlet Keep.1112 When the Guardian arrived on the Moon in search of Osiris, they encountered Crow for the first time after his resurrection.11

Crow was the first Guardian to fashion a Cryptolith Lure, which he and the Guardian then used to lure and kill Wrathborn.1314 Together, they worked to hunt down the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, the leader of the Wrathborn.15

While the Crow and the Guardian were working together, the Crow began having strange dreams.16 The two traveled to the European Dead Zone, where they discovered a piece of the Traveler had been calling to the Crow.1718 The Guardians were then attacked by Korusk, Lighteater of Savathûn and Tarusk, Lightstealer of Savathûn; the pair were able to defeat the Taken. Upon approaching the Shard, the Guardian was given an effigy of the gun Hawkmoon.18 Alongside the Crow, the Guardian began the process of resurrecting Hawkmoon, which culminated in the two returning to the Shard of the Traveler and defending it from the Taken.1920 The Guardian’s Ghost thought that the quest was the Traveler’s attempt to warn the Guardian that their actions would impact Crow and his eventual future.21

Following the death of the High Celebrant, the Spider offered the Guardian a reward, saying they could have anything in his lair. The Guardian used this opportunity to free Crow, claiming him as their reward.22 Crow was freed from the Spider’s service and the bomb was removed from Glint’s shell.

After his release, Crow planned on visiting the Tower.23

Upon his arrival at the Tower, Crow began working with the Vanguard and the Guardian against the forces of Caiatl, Empress of the Cabal. Crow discovered a plot to assassinate Commander Zavala, along with Light-disrupting technology that could sever a Guardian’s connection to the Light.24 25 Crow intervened and foiled this assassination attempt, but almost revealed his identity in the process.26 27 Crow later joined Zavala in a peace talk with Caiatl and once again foiled an assassination attempt against the Commander.28 This time, Crow was unmasked after being attacked by one of the Psion attackers, and his identity was revealed to Zavala. Zavala accepted this revelation and commissioned Crow as a recon agent. Zavala also decided to keep Crow’s identity hidden for the time being in order to avoid any potential conflict with other Guardians.29 30

Crow was not allowed to participate in the integration of House Light into the Last City due to the growing tensions between the Vanguard and the Consensus.31 However, Crow continued to oversee the safety of the Eliksni during this time by stealing supplies from the Spider and protecting the House of Light from attacks by Humans.32 33

Crow also supported the Guardian in their efforts to restore Mara Sov’s coven of Techeuns after Mara returned to the Solar System.34 During this time, Savathûn, the Witch Queen, revealed herself to have been possessing the body of the warlock Osiris for as long as Crow had known him.35 Having grown attached to Osiris over this time, and confused about the affection Savathûn had shown him, Crow attempted to gain an audience with the Witch Queen.36 Worried for Crow’s safety, Mara Sov and Petra Venj forbade Crow to meet with Savathûn, which only grew tensions between the three.37 Crow eventually met with the Witch Queen, and Savathûn showed the Hunter a vision of his former life, revealing his former actions as Uldren Sov.38 Shocked by this revelation, Crow asked Ikora to be reassigned.39

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