The Drifter — Primeval Patina

"Great work out there, Guardian!" the Drifter says. "I had the Glimmer in my hands! But, well…"

He shrugs his shoulders, palms up in helpless confusion. "Something weird happened when I was cashing in my contraband. I ordered a whole mess of exotic gun parts, but a big shipment of supplies got delivered to the Eliksni Quarter instead! I guess these clumsy fingers of mine hit an elaborate series of wrong keys."

"And—get this—instead of putting 'FOR DRIFTER, HANDS OFF,' I somehow accidentally wrote 'FROM LAKSHMI-2' on all the crates. Can you believe it?"

He shakes his head and grins. "I'll still pretty up your piece for you. Least I can do for you, keeping my embarrassing mix-up to yourself, you get me?"