War Table — Operation Elbrus

Lord Saladin urgently relays the intel taken from the minds of the Hive: the Lucent Hive are going to use the Light stolen from the dead Guardians to manifest Savathûn's throne world on the Moon.

If they succeed, they will launch a full-scale invasion of Earth.

"This was their plan from the beginning," Saladin snarls. "Take our home. Corrupt our planet, overrun us, remove us from the universe."

"And when we are gone, forgotten… they will become the Guardians."

You must go to the Scarlet Keep and disrupt the summoning ritual. Caiatl is already en route with her forces—her chosen warriors will fight alongside you to defeat the Lucent Hive.

"Let that be the last thing these Hive see: unity in the face of oblivion," Saladin says.

"Show them that even if they destroy us, they will never destroy who we are."