War Table — Rising Tensions

Empress Caiatl greets you through the hologram. Though the alliance between her Cabal and the Vanguard is tenuous, she forgives you for exchanging fire with her forces—better to focus on the battles ahead.

She asks you to locate and engage high-ranking Lucent Hive Lieutenants. Once you weaken one, her Psions will pull it into their Mindscape—a psychic plane where thoughts manifest into physical reality.

The Psions will connect your Light with the Light of the Hive and enable you to enter the Mindscape as well, where you will battle against manifestations of the Hive's faith in Savathûn.

The Synaptic Spear will enable you to destroy any traces of Savathûn's influence and sever the Hive's connection to the Light.

"Without the Light or a worm, the Hive will die," Caiatl growls, "unless my Psions keep it alive."

The Lightless Hive will be transported to the research station on the H.E.L.M., where Caiatl will turn the operation over to Lord Saladin.

"Fight well, Guardian," Caiatl says, and the hologram flickers with another incoming transmission…