A New Frontier

Trostland, European Dead Zone, Earth

Devrim: Let's get started. There's a banner on the main floor. Give it a look, will you?

In a side chapel of the church

Ghost: This is a House of Judgment sigil. We used to work with a Fallen who flew this banner

Devrim: Curious. Well, the Fallen seem to have put this up as a bit of a threat. I imagine you'll find lots of objects like this out there with a bit of story to them. We both need some supplies to get going out here. See if you can find a cache in one of the buildings nearby.

The Guardian finds a loot chest

Devrim: Very well done. To survive we'll have to look for every opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled for more supplies in the wilds. Speaking of the wilds, there's a symbol on the wall of the church. Take a look.

The Guardian heads back to the church and finds a symbol on the wall at the back of the ambulatory.

Ghost: Devrim, where did this symbol com from?

Devrim: I believe your City Hunters must have put them here and there about the region as they scouted around. I think they meant it to mark something special. Or dangerous.

Ghost: Or both. Let's go check it out.

The Guardian heads into tunnels beneath the church

Devrim: The history of this region is fascinating. I believe tunnels and caves like the one you're now in stretch all across the EDZ. Who knows what's lurking down there. Be careful.

Atrium, European Dead Zone

The Guardian explores The Atrium and defeats Skexis, Outcast Captain of The Fallen.

Ghost: I just snagged a keycode from that Captain. I think I can open his supply cache!

The Guardian opens the supply cache

Devrim: Good work down there, you two. Keep an eye out for other hidey holes and treasures like this one! But that's for another day. In the meantime what say we get down to business? Come on back up to the church tower. I'm putting the kettle on now.

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