Hawthorne: You sure you want to do this? That Shard is the reason this place is called a "Dead Zone."

Ghost: We have to, Hawthorne. It's a sign.

Hawthorne: Yeah a sign that says, "Dead Zone."

Quarantine Sector 236

Hawthorne: You know, I've been all over the EDZ. Charming enough. I mean nothing says "come visit" like a dark, haunted forest.

Ghost: But non-Guardians aren't supposed to leave the City!

Hawthorne: There's a small gap in the wall. Hard to see, but it's there.

Hawthorne: Here's the thing about City rules – they stop applying once you leave the City.

Hawthorne: Let me know when you've [static].

Ghost: Hawthorne? Hawthorne! Can you hear us?

Ghost: Signal's dead.

Fallen lurk in the area

Ghost: Did you hear something?

Ghost: It's – the Fallen!

Ghost: Those Fallen weren't wearing any house colors we've seen before.

Blackened Forest

Ghost: The shard of the Traveler.

Ghost: This is it. Right out of our vision.

Tikkis, Diminished Scrapper is defeated

Maksor, Starving Scavenger is defeated

Ghost: I think we… scared them away.

Ghost: Take me to the Shard.

Ghost: This is why we were led here.

Ghost: I haven't been this close to the Traveler's Light since…

Ghost: Do you feel it?

Ghost: Hold onto your helmet.

Ghost absorbs the Light and the Guardian regains their power

Ghost: Do you feel it? The light is back! We're back!

Ghost: Eyes up, Guardian.

Ghost: Let's light 'em up.

Skriviks, The Sharp-Eyed is defeated

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