Adventure: Calling Them Home

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Ghost: Alright Devrim. Whats next?

Hawthorne: Help me spread the work. We are broadcasting a signal from the Farm to people who fled the City saying "You'll be safe here".

Devrim: And we need to make sure everyone, everywhere can hear it.

Hawthorne: Place a few signal amplifiers around the area to boost the signal. That should do the trick.

Situating the first beacon

Ghost: That's one node online.

Hawthorne: Looks like the signal's already amped. That was fast.

Devrim: Hang on a minute. I've spotted quite a few Fallen headed you way. Keep your guard up.

The Guardian defeats four Zealous Vandals.

Devrim: Eliminating that Captain under the church must have drawn the rest of the Fallen out.

Hawthorne: They won't stop coming. We need to make sure that signal is strong. You better hurry up and place that second node.

Outskirts, European Dead Zone

The Guardian travels to the second area

Hawthorne: This place used to be so peaceful. This is the first time I've even seen any Fallen since the Cabal hit us. Reminds me of the City. You all tried to make it so we never laid eyes on a Dreg. To keep us safe, right? There's another word for a place you're not allowed to leave — you know — with walls you can't see over and guards everywhere.

Devrim: Suraya, despite your exploits there, I hardly think the City was a prison.

Hawthorne: I'm just saying. No walls at the Farm. Come and go whenever you want. So, let's make sure everyone can get there, eh Guardian?

The Guardian drops the signal booster

Hawthorne: I read the boosted signal, and some kind of strange feedback. The Fallen are nothing if not persistent. I'd wager they have some sort of jamming devices nearby.

The Guardian disables the three jamming devices

Hawthorne: There. I've got a clear signal. No more feedback.

Devrim: Five by five here as well. Excellent work.

Hawthorne: It's nice to have a Guardian helping us normals for a change. But there's one more thing. Did I send those coordinates correctly?

Ghost: I've got them. Through the tunnel accross the river.

Hawthorne: That's the place. I left something behind there.

The Guardian follows the coordinates

Ghost: We are almost to your coordinates, Hawthorne

Hawthorne: Good. I left supplies there that I had to abandon in a hurry a while back.

Devrim: Supplies for the Farm?

Hawthorne: For the City. But you all got attacked, I dropped everything and flew across the ocean to try and help. But the City sure doesn't need it anymore. We could use that stuff at the Farm.

Sojourners Camp, European Dead Zone

Ghost: Bad news Hawthorne. That Fallen beat us here.

Hawthorne: All right, forget the supplies. Clear out the Fallen and we'll figure out our next move.

The Guardian kills all the Fallen

Ghost: The area's clear.

Devrim: Not for long. The Fallen don't like it when they're denied a good scavenge. They're bound to come at you in force.

Hawthorne: The do me another favour you two. Drop another one of those node things to boost my signal., then get out of there.

The Fallen attack

Hawthorne: If you've made them mad, you're doing something right. Don't let up.

The Guardian kills Taksor, Scavenger Raider

Ghost: We did it. They're gone.

Hawthorne: You Guardians really are something else. I guess I kinda forgot that.

Ghost: And now we know there are resources to be found in the EDZ. Once we retake the City, that will be a big help.

Hawthorne: Sure.

Devrim: What Suraya means to say is "thank you". Head back here when you can, you two. There's still quite a bit to do.

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