Adventure: A Frame Job

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Devrim: Ah, thanks for checking in you two! We've had our fill of Red Legion patrols and Fallen raids. We could use a spot of help with both.

Hawthorne: see if you can track down a Fallen comms terminal. Dev's got an idea that's crazy enough to work.

Devrim: Ah, it's difficult for the young to realise the wisdom of experience.

The Guardian hacks a Fallen access terminal

Devrim: Excellent. What say you use your access to prepare a broadcast in Fallen-speak? I've been meaning to put this Cabal communications cipher to use.

Ghost: The Red Legion fighting the Fallen for a change? Great idea! I can extract archived audio transmissions from any Fallen in the area.

The Guardian collects Fallen vocal fragments

Ghost: I've got enough for a pretty convincing Fallen impression.

Hawthorne: Don't mention accents around Dev unless you want a day-long lecture about City dialects. Meantime, best sightline to Red Legion air support is the cliffside where you and I set up that refugee beacon.

Devrim: No one appreciates the finer things anymore.

Salt Mines, European Dead Zone

Ghost: I can't believe we have to go back into the mines again.

Devrim: Chin up, you two! Good news; you'll be able to use a Fallen teleporter to reach the top. Ehh… Bad news, they've wired the place to explode.

Approaching the salt mine tunnels.

Ghost: If I run a deep scan of the tunnels, we can borrow all these traps and explosives.

Devrim: And put them to good use sowing chaos between you enemies. A lovely idea.

Ghost scans the explosives

Ghost: I don't blame you for wanting to blow everything up. Guess my deep scan will need to be a deep, deep scan, though. Got it. Now I can transmat these horribly dangerous explosives wherever we need.

Cliff at the top of The Salt Mines.

Ghost: Great work! Broadcasting the message now. I decided to go with a House of Devils accent. Remember them?

Hawthorne: Oh boy.

Devrim: Ah, House of Devils, eh? You know the most interesting thing about their pronunciation?

Ghost: Actually, Devrim, let's keep the channel clear. You know. To, uh, make sure there's no interference during the transmat.

Hawthorne: lot of big red ships headed your way. Whatever your said, it got their attention.

Ghost: I used a pretty nasty word to describe Ghaul. I don't want to repeat it here.

Devrim: Ah, I do so love unconventional warfare. I'd be on the lookout for drop pods, if I were you.

The Guardian ambushes the Red Legion, killing Drusk, the Crushing Fist.

Devrim: I could hear the explosions all the way back here. I bet it was quite a show!

Hawthorne: Which means the Fallen and Red Legion heard it too. We'll let them shoot at each other for a while, and clean up whatever's left. Great work.

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