Adventure: Cliffhanger

Lost Oasis, Io

Asher: Assistant! Is that you? Vex energy readings are off the charts. Go find out what's happening, and be quick about it.

Spine Burrows, Io

Ghost: Asher, we found Vex protecting some kind of construct. It's pumping energy into the ground.

The Guardian fight Tekton, the Constructive Mind, before it teleports out.

Ghost: Asher, we found a construct injecting something into the ground, but a Vex Mind showed up and… took it.

Asher: The Mind… "Took it"?

Ghost: Yep, just… shwoop. Took it. We're tracking it now.

Lost Oasis, Io

Asher: I hypothesize that the Vex are preparing to fully machinoform this moon.

Ghost: Like you do.

Asher: Ah, yes. Laugh it off. The Vex are simply planning to transform every planet in this system into a cog in a vast, inscrutable machine. They merely wish to convert every particle of matter on ths moon, living or dead, into a radiolarian solid!

Ghost: Well, when you put it that way…

The Guardian hunts the Vex to a series of platforms overhanging the cliffs

Ghost: Asher, we followed the Mind to some sort of sync plate

Asher: How curious. See if you can establish a connection with the Vex Collective. I've designed a virus which might prove… useful.

Ghost: A virus, huh. I hope you know what you're doing…

The Guardian establishes a connection

Asher: Ha! I've established a link into the Collective, but I can't deploy the virus. A Vex Mind is blocking deeper access.

Ghost: Oh, probably the one that shwooped the construct! We'll find out.

The Guradian fight Tekton, the Constructive Mind

Asher: According to the Collective, the Mind is summoning some sort of… pestilent defence

The Guardian destroys Tekton, the Constructive Mind

Ghost: We destroyed the mind, Asher.

Asher: Yes, yes. Now return to solid ground, before the Vex reconfigure their thought protocols. Those platforms are about to disapear.

The Guardian returns to solid ground.

Asher: I've just lost access to the Collective. Nonetheless, I did manage to release the virus. I imagine the Vex will find this development… rather upsetting.

Ghost: Heh heh. That doen't sound ominous!

Asher: Indeed! We shall allow this experiment to unfold in it's own time.

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