Adventure: Hephaestus

BrayTech Futurescape, Mars

Zavala: We have a problem that requires your attention. The Vanguard did a sweep of the existing Bray archives. We found references to the Hephaestus Index. The Index is a weapons development database. If our enemies gain access to it, they could reverse-engineer dangerous ordnance. I've located multiple access terminals that house the data. Destroy them.

The Guardian destroys the first data terminal.

Ghost: Zavala, we've successfully destroyed the first terminal.

Zavala: Excellent work. Destroy the next terminal.

The Guardian destroys the second data terminal.

Ghost: The hard data has been eradicated. Now we-

Ana: Hey, wait! I scrambled the Vanguard channel so we can have a private conversation. Look, Zavala is right about the risk, but you can't just destroy history.

Ghost: I understand how you feel, Ana. But what do you suggest we do?

Ana: Do what Zavala says. Just… make me a copy. I'll be able to study the index, and Zavala won't have to worry about our enemies exploiting it.

Ghost: All right. We'll take care of it.

Alton Dynamo, Mars

The Guardian finds the data backup. Ghost hacks into the terminal.

Ghost: Let's establish a preliminary connection between the network and Ana's relay.

Ana: Connection established! Looks like the deleted data is still on two backup server shards. Access them, and I can recompile it. Slight complication. The Hive found you.

Ghost: We can handle the Hive, even the frozen kind. Just keep the network open!

The Guardian defeats the Hive. Ghost hacks into the first backup server.

Ana: That's one piece of the deleted data! It's not pretty, but with both halves I can reassemble it.

The Guardian defeats the Hive. Ghost hacks into the second backup server.

Ana: Great, we've got all the data. But I need extra computing power for the reassembly. Get to the main terminal.

Ghost hacks into the main terminal.

Ghost: Beginning assembly.

Zavala: Guardian, what are you doing?

Ana: They're helping me Zavala. The Hephaestus Index is an incredible resource. We can't lose it. I need you to trust me.

Zavala: Do I really have any other option?

The Guardian defends the terminal against the Hive while the data is sent to Ana.

Ana: Zavala, thank you. The index is safely offline, and we can use it to recreate Golden Age tech. Think of what we can make!

Zavala: I am, Anastasia. And if this information ever becomes a problem, I will hold you personally responsible.

Ana: I wouldn't have it any other way.

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